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Winter Garden II: White Sasanquas in a Netherlandish Cup. Private Collection

Winter Garden II: Sasanquas in a Netherlandish Cup

Sasanqua in Silver, Oil on Panel. 5″x 7″ Saskia Ozols, 2020

This is the second painting in this new series of small works celebrating the local flora of New Orleans. Small gems of color, these compositions celebrate blooms of the southern garden with generations of vessels and objects collected from around the world.

The juxtaposition of a fixed place (represented through the flowers) with a moveable feast of international cultures (represented through the objects) allows a metaphorical travel during this challenging period of social distancing and quarantine. Investigating appreciation of one’s own back yards with fantasy, memory, and dreams of future travel.

Winter Garden II, Sasanquas in a Netherlandish Cup, explores the juxtaposition of textures as they are impacted by the humid and water-filled atmosphere that envelope New Orleans.

The intersection of atmosphere with an object and how we perceive the accompanying relationships of value, color and form allow for endless contemplation. The simple beauty that surrounds us exists anywhere we look if we open our senses; in flowers, colors of the air, the light or darkness of the sky.

As we allow the experience of inspiration we enter a unique intersection between art and reality. These intersections are abstract, infinite, and come alive through a dialogue of differences.

“…Imagination belongs to the transcendental acts of the soul. ” (Immanuel Kant, from Critique of Pure Reason

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  1. Sylvia Schmidt

    What is the price of the little flower paintings?

    1. Saskia Ozols

      Thank you for your interest ! I just emailed a response.

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