Artist’s Statement:

I see painting as a meditation: an exploration of relationships I encounter through observation and experience. I find greatest inspiration working from nature; considering innate dualities as they move through varied passages of color, meaning, and form. The resulting images reflect the search for beauty as a journey through the fluidity of perception, the passing of time, and the structure of change.

Figurative Painting

Pictured: Saskia at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, 2012

Academic Painting Processes I: Figure Studies from Direct Observation (Classical and Realist techniques)

Pictured: Saskia with her work at the Diaghilev Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg, Russia. 2014

Academic Processes II: Nature Morte

Pictured: Saskia painting at the Peabody Historical Society, Peabody, MA 2010

Academic Processes III, Plein Air Landscape in oil

Pictured: Saskia Painting Harvard Bridge. Boston, MA 2012