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The Storm (Survivor)

Saskia Ozols. The Storm ( Survivor) Oil on Canvas with Conte, Ink, and Graphite. 48 x 60″ 2017-2019. Collection of the Artist

This painting is part of a series about passage that I painted when I first moved back from abroad. I looked to nature for inspiration as I drew under the trees. This is one of the paintings that resulted. 

With these paintings I explored the movement from one state to another through a combination of non-traditional mark-making with layered gestures and poses. 

Traditional drawing always structures my experimental pieces, however these paintings explore the communication of feeling, emotion, and experience in a different way. Although classically trained in many media, I enjoy experimenting with classical form in manners that offer variable interpretations of familiar imagery.

I worked on this piece utilizing small charcoal drawing as reference. The drawing is from direct observation and I made it while sitting under a tree on the Mississippi River.