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Winter Garden I:: Sasanqua in Chinese Pot. Oil on Panel, Private Collection.

Winter Garden I: Sasanqua in Chinese Pot

Sasanqua in Chinese Pot, Saskia Ozols. Oil on Panel, 2020. Available

If there were only is one thing to love about December in New Orleans, for me it would be a celebration of sasanquas. A simple glance out doors or a neighborhood walk brings their inspiration to light. Blooms bursting with pink, white, or peppermint entwine themselves with holiday preparation, festivities, and occupy every water tight vessel I own. December for me is colored with this calming soft pink blossom. Their light and delicacy offering constant contrast to the ever present winter darkness.

To paint a thing that brings inspiration is to explore our complicated relationship with beauty. Encountering these moments whether in a work of art or in individual perception of the environment is part of our shared human experience.

This December, As I look out into the garden bursting with pink blossoms, I am reminded of Henry Miller and his words: To Paint is to Love Again.

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  1. Candy Ulmer Cranch, M.Ed., NBCT

    Please let me know your fee for the beautiful Sasanqua in Chinese Pot. So lovely.

    1. Saskia Ozols

      Thank you for such kind thoughts! I will email.s

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