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New Growth After a Storm, Oil on Linen. Saskia Ozols

New Growth After a Storm

New Growth After a Storm. Oil on Linen, 8 x 8 ” Saskia Ozols, 2021

This painting is arranged from the new growth that appeared after a difficult storm. Hurricane Ida tore through my garden while I watched, removing every leaf and blossom in category 4 hurricane winds.

What happens after a hurricane churns through your garden? Near total destruction followed by signs of life which rescue any temptation to fall into malaise.

This is an arrangement of surviving beauty. It is a tribute to both beauty that survives difficulty and to ideological structures that survive and live beyond beauty.

The arrangement occupies a 17th century Dutch Delft double bird vase and is accentuated by an antique rattle that shows the wear the new blooms do not.