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Winter Garden I:: Sasanqua in Chinese Pot. Oil on Panel, Private Collection.

Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Celebrating Survivors through Art.

Saskia Ozols, Winter Garden I: Pink Sasanqua in Chinese Pot. 2021, Oil on Panel. Collection of the Artist.

October is breast cancer awareness month; I am sharing this painting as a reminder as the pink in this sasanqua is also used for remembrance and spreading awareness.

As a breast cancer survivor (I was recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and the surgeons removed everything successfully,) currently awaiting a final surgery, I have a new understanding of the importance of medical research and its impact on families affected by this disease. Every single person in a family is affected by a single diagnosis, and it takes a village to endure through the challenges.

The term, “survivor,” generally turns my stomach as I have dealt with this label as a childhood victim of gun violence, as a newlywed facing years of domestic violence and abuse, and now as a single mother of two navigating breast cancer. Although survivors may offer support, inspiration, and guidance to those still suffering it is also a difficult identity to embrace.

Following are a few links to reputable organizations involved with Breast Cancer awareness and help. Please be involved in propagating research and forward movement for families affected by this disease.

From a personal perspective I would also like to add that art is the only reason I have been able to summon the courage to face these situations. Art provides a unique grounding force that allows an important healing dialogue to unfold.

Breast Cancer awareness links and how to help